Welcome to the Retired Judges Corner of the FMJA website. This corner is designed for you and all are welcome. Even if retirement is still a twinkle in your eye, you may find helpful tips to assist in career planning or just the fun of staying connected with old colleagues.

I personally think magistrate Judges are the most interesting people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  I did not want to lose you and have therefore stayed active with the FMJA.  I am almost 5 years retired and, even though I have done some recall work for the courts, I have pretty much slid into a very fun, meaningful and rewarding retirement from the bench. 

This corner is designed to keep us connected with each other and with the FMJA. I as chair of the retired/recalled Judges committee, along with the entire committee, invite you to join us for this experience called “retirement”. You will find articles of interest from your retired/recall colleagues, tips for your decision making and ways to stay connected through a voluntary directory.  Come join us and stay connected.

Louisa Porter,
Chair, Retired and Recalled Magistrate Judges Committee

Of Interest

Are you a retired/recalled member and have a new job, hobby, or something else other members would like to hear about? We would love to hear from you and put an article in this section of our website and in our quarterly newsletter. You can send your article to Louisa Porter and Shari Bedker. We look forward to hearing from you.