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Naturalization Ceremony and Outreach Photos 2023
Federal Magistrate Judges around the country are pleased and proud to participate in public outreach and education to their local communities through the year including Naturalization Ceremonies, Robes in Schools
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Pledging fairness and compassion, Saint-Marc makes history joining the bench
Saint-Marc’s formal swearing in as a magistrate judge marked a watershed moment in New Hampshire, as she became the first Black person to serve on the federal bench in the
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Right to Counsel Video Released July 2023
Click here to View the Video This video, produced by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, judges and public defenders make the case for why everyone has a stake
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Judge Diana Song Quiroga Presides Over Naturalization Ceremony
Judge Song Quiroga presided over a Naturalization ceremony for almost 200 people in July 2023. Click here to view the news clip of this wonderful event-just another example of FMJA
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