Promotes and educates on the importance of diversity on the bench to the judiciary, bar and community.  The committee also reviews and recommends nominees for the Diversity Award to the Executive Committee.  Other activities of the committee have included a video project of interviews of diverse magistrate judges, panels of diverse magistrate judges addressing the bar on their path to the bench, and Robes in the Schools.

Diversity Videos on YouTube

July 2015 FMJA Annual Convention - Boston, MA
Why Diversity Matters
Tips to Becoming a Magistrate Judge
Background Experience (Part 1 of 2)
Background Experience (Part 2 of 2)
Interview with Hon. Nancy Joseph

FMJA Diversity Award

The FMJA Diversity Award recognizes deserving individuals or entities who demonstrate a sustained and continuous contribution, or a single exceptional contribution, to promoting diversity and inclusion within the federal judiciary and the legal profession.

Hon. Kristen Mix (2019)
Hon. Noel Franklin (2018)
(Not awarded in 2017)
Hon. Karen Roby (2016)

2019 Diversity Award Recipient Hon. Kristen Mix (right)