Works with the FMJA Executive Director to organize the Annual Convention held every summer in conjunction with the Federal Judicial Center. 

Kristen Mix (COD) – Chair
Ramon Reyes (NYED)
Shiva Hodges (SCD)
Suzanne Segal (CACD)
Alka Sagar (CACD)
Barbara Holmes (TNM)

Provides oversight and advice on all financial aspects of the FMJA, including, but not limited to, investment policy, monthly financial statement review, yearly taxes, and budget.

Kristen Mix (COD) – Chair
Deborah Smith (AKD)
Susan Schwab (PAM)
Omar Aboulhosn (WVSD)
Shari Bedker

Oversees publication, revision and maintenance of the Quarterly Bulletin as well as provide communications to FMJA membership on relevant topics.

Jennifer Thurston (CAED) – Chair
Valerie Cooke (NVD)
Candy Dale (IDD)
Nancy Joseph (WIED)
Sarah Merriam (CTD)
Sanket Bulsara (NYED)
Robert Numbers (NCED)
Alice Senechal (DND)
Skip Arbuckle (PAM)
Dena Palermo (TXS)

Provides periodic review of the current by-laws and recommend updates/edits to the Board for consideration.

Alan Baverman (GAND) – Chair
John F. Anderson (VAED)
Linda Anderson (MSSD)
Ramon Reyes (NYED)
David Keesler (NCWD)
Kristen Mix (COD)

Promotes and educates on the importance of diversity on the bench to the judiciary, bar and community.  The committee also reviews and recommends nominees for the Diversity Award to the Executive Committee.  Other activities of the committee have included a video project of interviews of diverse magistrate judges, panels of diverse magistrate judges addressing the bar on their path to the bench, and Robes in the Schools.

Nancy Joseph (WIED) Co-Chair
Therese Wiley Dancks (NYND) Co-Chair
Justin Anand (GAND)
Linda R. Anderson (MSSD)
Sonja Faye Bivins (ALSD)
Leo Brisbois (MND)
Alan Baverman (GAND)
Alicia Valle (FLSD)
Sanket Bulsara (NYED)
Celeste Bremer (IASD)
Michael Newman (OHSD)
Ignacio Torteya (TXSD)
Diana Song Quiroga (TXS)
Michael J. Seng (CAE)
Julie S. Sneed (FLM)
Brian Tsuchida (WAW)
Joe Webster (NCM)
Nina Wang (COD)
Robin Meriweather (DDC)
Theresa Fricke (WDWA)

As established by the bylaws, this committee includes the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate past President of the FMJA. The Executive Committee oversees all decision-making regarding matters pertaining to the organization and its operation.

Mark Falk (NJD) – Chair
Deborah Smith (AKD)
Kristen Mix (COD)
Nicole Mitchell (TXED)
Linda Anderson (MSSD)
Ramon Reyes (NYED)

Edits and publishes the Federal Courts Law Review, which was founded in 1997.  The editorial board, composed of U.S. Magistrate Judges and law school professors, uniquely combines the insight of the federal judiciary with the perspective of law school academics. 

David A. Sanders (MSND) – Editor-in-Chief

Circuit Editors:
John H. Rich (MED)
Lisa Margaret Smith (NYSD)
Mary Pat Thynge (DED)
John Anderson (VAED)
Stephen Wm. Smith (TXSD)
Michael J. Newman (OHSD)
David D. Noce (MOED)
James P. Donohue (WAWD)
John M. Facciola (DCD)
Tim A. Baker (INSD)
James P. O’Hara (KSD)
Iain Johnston (ILND)
Christine A. Nowak (TXED)

At Large Editors:
Boyd N. Boland (COD)
William Callahan, Jr. (WIED)
Robert Collings (MAD)
Charles S. Coody (ALMD)
John F. Moulds (CAED)
William J. Garfinkel (CTD)
Douglas E. Miller (VAED)
Brian L. Owsley (TXSD)
Katharine H. Parker (NYSD)
Jeremiah J. McCarthy (NYWD)

Joel Friedman (Tulane University)
Ira Robbins (American University)
Thomas D. Rowe, Jr. (Duke University)
Valerie Couch (Oklahoma City University)

Technical Consultant:
Andy Johnson-Laird

The mission of the Committee is to help preserve the history of the Federal Magistrate Judges Association as well as the Magistrate Judge system in the United States. This includes arranging interviews for oral histories that are then published on our website and YouTube. The Committee is also responsible for preparing tributes to colleagues who have passed away during the year.

Celeste Bremer (IASD) – Chair
Barbara McAuliffe (CAED)
Michael J. Seng (CAED)
Steven Rau (MND)

Organizes a bi-annual trip to an international location to explore and experience different parts of the world. Typically includes visits to Courts for exchange of best practices and ideas.

James M. Hopkins (FLSD) Co-Chair
Elizabeth Jenkins (FLMD) Co-Chair
Jan M. Adler (CASD) Co-Chair
Stanley A. Boone (CAED)
Wallace Capel (ALMD)
Nancy Joseph (WIED)
Elizabeth Laporte (CAND)
Frank Maas (NYSD)
Suzanne Mitchell (OKWD)
Kendall Newman (CAED)
Nina Wang (COD)
Donald Cabell (MAD)
Louisa Porter (CASD)
Steven Rau (MND)
Suzanne Segal (CACD)
Edwin G. Torres (FLSD)
Ignacio Torteya (TXSD)

Monitors legislation that affects members of the judiciary, particularly U.S. Magistrate Judges.  Works in conjunction with sister organizations, Federal Judges Association and National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Patrick J. Hanna (LAWD) – Chair
William E. Cassady (ALSD)
Robert B. Collings (MAD)
D. Thomas Ferraro (AZD) – Co-Chair
Michael Harvey (DCD)
Barry M. Kurren – (HID)
Karen W. Roby (LAED)
Timothy Sullivan (MDD)
Diane K. Vescovo (TNWD)
Joseph Perez-Montes (WDLA)
Alan Baverman (GAND) – Co-Chair
Robert Numbers (NCED)
Barbara Holmes (TNMD)
John Conroy (DVT)
Kathleen Burke (OHND)
Kendall Newman (CAED)

Chaired by the Immediate Past President, the committee solicits interest in serving as an officer, primarily as Secretary. Confirms and recommends that the remainder of the Officers each year are willing and able to continue.

Ramon Reyes (NYED) – Chair
Linda Anderson (MSSD)
Alan Baverman (GAND)
Sidney Schenkier (ILND)
Charles Day (MDD)
Lisa Lenihan (PAWD)
David Peebles (NYND)
Linda Walker (GAND)
Karen Strombom (WAWD)

Provides resources to the community, including schools on the U.S. Judicial System in conjunction with the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts and FMJA. Provides resources to U.S. Magistrate Judges who are interested in educating their local communities.

Diana Song Quiroga (TXSD) – Chair
Linda Anderson (MSSD)
Barbara Holmes (TNMD)
Donald Cabell (MAD)
Bradley Murray (ALSD)
Michael Nelson (DNE)
Omar Aboulhosn (ALMD)
Ron Hedges (DNJ)
Stewart Aaron (SDNY)
Alice Senechal (DND)
Suzanne Mitchell (OKWD)
Noelle Collins (MOED)
Shiva Hodges (SCD)
Michael Newman (OHSD) 

Provides resources to part-time U.S. Magistrate Judges as well as information to the Board about any concerns/questions specifically related to part-time U.S. Magistrate Judges.

Gordon Gallagher (COD) – Chair
Anthony R. Mautone (NJD)
Leslie Longenbaugh (AKD)
Scott Oravec (AKD)

Provides resources to retired/recalled U.S. Magistrate Judges as well as information to the Board about any concerns/questions specifically related to retired/recalled U.S. Magistrate judges.

Louisa Porter (CASD) – Chair
Jerry Neidermeier (MAD) – Co-Chair
Aaron Goodstein (WIED)
Faith M. Angell (PAED)
David Bernthal (ILC)
Gerald Cohn (ILD)
James England (MOWD)
Ronald J. Hedges (NJD)
Dennis Hubel (ORD)
John Jelderks (ORD)
Tom Mummert
Tommy Miller (VAED)
Joel Schneider (DNJ)
William Cassady (ALS)
Gudrun Rice (CO)

Evaluates and reports on Rules affecting U.S. Magistrate Judges proposed by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Steven Gold (NYED)- Co-Chair
Jennifer Boal (MAD) – Co-Chair
David E. Peebles (NYND)
S. Allan Alexander (MSND)
Clinton E. Averitte (TXND)
Alan J. Baverman (GAND)
Stanley Boone (CAED)
Joe B. Brown (TNMD)
Martin C. Carlson (PAMD)
Judith Dein (MAD)
Marilyn D. Go (NYED)
Sarah Merriam (DCN)
John Larkins (GAND)
Douglas Miller (EDVA)
Philip Lammens (FLMD)
Elizabeth D. Laporte (CAND)
David A. Sanders (MSND)
Nita L. Stormes (CASD)
Mary Pat Thynge (DED)

Provides information regarding safety and security for U.S. Magistrate Judges, their families and staff, whether it be physical or electronic safety.

Douglas Arpert (NJD) – Chair
Patrick Hanna (LAWD)
David Cayer (NCWD)
Anthony Porcelli (FLMD)
Wallace Capel (ALMD)
Thomas Parker (OHWD)

Provides information to the community about the proper use of the title of U.S. Magistrate Judge, including responding directly to press, local bar, etc, who use the incorrect title.

G. Michael Harvey (DCD) – Chair
Noelle Collins (MOE)
Matthew Brookman (INSD)
Cheryl Eifert (WVSD)
Kathleen Kay (LAWD)
Vera Scanlon (NYED)
Philip Lammens (FLMD)
Lois Goodman (DNJ)
Anthony Patti (MIED)
Jim Metcalf (AZD)
Dustin Pead (UTD)