FMJA Announces 2023 Fellows
Stanardsville, VA, April 12, 2023 – The Federal Magistrate Judges
Association (FMJA) is proud to announce the selection of Sharell
Reddin of Florida A & M College of Law, Patrick Gildea of American
University College of Law, Elka-asbi Edma of Howard University
School of Law, Alan Huang of Loyola University School of
Law, D’Andre Gordon of Syracuse University College of Law, Abena
Ampofo of Temple University School of Law, Sophia Kim of UC
Hastings College of Law, and Daphne Escobedo of University of
Houston Law School, as our 2023 FMJA Fellows.
The FMJA is committed to diversity and inclusion in the legal
profession and the courts. For this reason, FMJA, in collaboration
with Just the Beginning – A Pipeline Organization, has created the
FMJA Fellows to support and promote the placement of diverse and
underrepresented law students in judicial internships with U.S
Magistrate Judges. Each FMJA Fellow will receive a stipend of $2,500
and an opportunity to participate in FMJA programs on path to the
bench and applying for federal clerkships.
ABOUT THE FMJA: The Federal Magistrate Judges Association (FMJA) is a
national association consisting of United States Magistrate Judges whose mission
is to support the vital role of all Magistrate Judges as an integral part of our United
States Judicial System: to promote appropriate utilization and understanding of the
role magistrate judges play in the federal judiciary by advising and advancing
policies that affect it members and the United States Courts as a whole; by actively
participating in the review and modification of legislation, as well as substantive
and procedural rules that affect the United States Courts and by promoting the
independence of the federal judiciary.

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