The Association is composed of active, retired and recalled United States Magistrate Judges. Our purpose is to promote the efficient administration of justice, to protect the integrity, dignity and independence of the federal judiciary and to educate the public about the important role that magistrate judges play in criminal and civil cases that come into our federal court system.

While this site is designed primarily for our members, we realize the importance of educating the community about the federal courts and the importance of judicial independence in the efficient administration of justice in our courts. We also have a nationally respected Law Review with cutting edge articles written by judges, members of academia, and others. You may find these articles by clicking on the Federal Courts Law Review (FCLR) button below.

Our Association is strongly committed to promoting diversity among lawyers and judges. Many of our members participate in the Just the Beginning Foundation’s Judicial Intern program which provides opportunities for diverse law students to acquire experience interning in the chambers of our members. Through our diversity committee, we host diversity panels twice a year which serve as an educational tool for young lawyers who have aspirations of one day becoming a federal judge.

If you are a guest visiting our site, we invite you to browse and learn more about us. If you are a member, please use this website to the fullest, as it is a tool that allows magistrate judges across the country to stay connected. And, if you have any suggestions for information or features you would like to see added to the website, please do not hesitate to contact me or our Association’s Executive Director, Shari Bedker.

Very truly yours,

Hon. Mark Falk
President, Federal Magistrate Judges Association